5 Stages to Build Your Online Business (And Make Money While You Sleep!)

If you’re like many entrepreneurs I meet, you know you need irresistible writing to attract clients and sell products and programs online.

But you might still be wondering… when do I launch my website and how do I get the best results?

Here are the 5 major stages I followed to grow my online business. I make multiple 6-figures working from home – I’ve helped 1,000′s of entrepreneurs in just 3 years.

Here’s a peek at how I did it. You’ll see how irresistible writing helped me every step of the way, even from the very beginning.

Stage 1: Learn and explore.

You’ll find yourself in this stage if you’re starting a new business or if you’re building a new online branch to your existing business. This is where you want to learn essential marketing skills. Focus on defining your niche market, finding the right words to attract clients in your market, and discovering strategies to get your message out there. In this stage you want to do networking, get referrals, call people, and explore reaching out to 1 specific niche at a time.

Use a simple, lead generating website to attract potential clients to you and practice using irresistible words that get the best response. See what works and what you can change for better results. As long as you know irresistible writing, you can test your market with the best tools (and find out if it’s really a lucrative niche). I started using irresistible writing to attract clients right away…before I had my spiffy brand or business name.

Stage 2: Get clients!

If you’re starting a new business, it might be best to work with clients 1-1 first (if this is appropriate for the services you offer). The point is, start on a smaller scale so you have a close connection with the people in your niche market. Notice patterns, notice what things you repeat over and over when serving your clients. Notice what topics they’re most interested in learning about. This observation will help you develop group programs and products through real-life experience (rather than speculation that may or may not be true for your market).

Stage 3: Design your program or product.

If the niche you chose feels right for you, you’ll want to develop your business into a more leveraged model. Start learning about information marketing and designing your first teleseminar course, workshop, e-book, cd-set or other educational product you can sell online.

Stage 4: Prepare to sell your program or product online.

Learn the next level of irresistible writing so you can create a sales website to launch your new product or program. You also want to create content to build your list. This is part of your irresistible website plan.

Stage 5: Launch your new program or product online.

Use leveraged strategies to attract 1,000s of people to your new site. Continue developing a strong relationship with your growing mailing list. Book speaking engagements and host teleseminars to build your credibility and get exposure to your market. Celebrate the online orders that come rolling into your email inbox!

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Invest in Your Business and Watch Your Profits Soar

In order to take your business from where you are now to a soaring success by the end of this year, chances are you’re going to need to make some investments. In this economy, that word, investments, makes most people shudder. But, the kind of investments I’m talking about aren’t nearly as risky or as scary as placing all your money into some fund, speculating on the market and hoping to see a good return.

The investments I’m talking about are much more secure than that. And, they are guaranteed to produce results. You may need to invest in software, or in building your team. You may need to invest in attending an event or in recruiting the right people, or getting the right experts to assist you with a certain part of your business. You may need to invest in your education.

Rest assured, there is always some type of investment that you need to make in order for your business to grow. Personally, I’ve invested a lot in my business. I’ve done all of those things I just mentioned, from building my team, to belonging to mastermind groups and purchasing software systems. These things are all essential to growth. Before you think, “Sure, Bernadette, that’s easy for you to say, with all this money, your nice big house, your nanny and your housekeeper,” I want you to know that this is not a recent habit for me.

I didn’t allow cost to be the prime motivator in my decisions, even when I was broke. Not that long ago, when I had a small baby and was paying so much of my income to childcare, I was presented the opportunity to jump onboard Yanik Silver’s marketing mastermind group. This was far more than I had ever spent before. But it is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Yes, you’ll spend a lot of money on these things year after year, but they’re good investments. They help to grow your business.

Your bank balance shouldn’t determine your decision making. If it does, your balance won’t actually change until you stop making your decisions that way. The decision to make an investment in your business is as much a psychological stretch as it is a financial stretch. Like any investment, you have to weigh the factors to determine if the investment is sound for you. But, instead of asking, “What will it cost me to do this?” the better question is, “What will it cost me if I don’t do this?”

Even if you think that you simply, physically don’t have the money to invest in software or an assistant, you need to look beyond that. This is where the leap of faith comes in. By putting that person in place or buying that software, you will free up time so you can then go out and bring on one more client.

If that additional client spends $1,000 with you and the assistant or software cost you $300 a month, essentially that investment saved you or made you $700 more per month. Start looking at investments in your business as what you will be losing by NOT making them. You stand to GAIN SO MUCH MORE by giving your business the support and backing it needs to grow. The returns on your investment will be well worth it in the end.

48 Hour Profit Plan – Business and Opportunity Review

48 Hour Profit Plan is an online business opportunity created and designed by Internet marketers Ian Del Carmen and Tim Whiston. So can you truly find success creating an income online with this opportunity? Here is a simple review.

48 Hour Profit Plan is the creation of long time Internet marketers Ian Del Carmen and Tim Whiston. The system comes at an entry cost of $9.97 and will contain a handful of online marketing training tutorials. The business opportunity with 48HP is based in the affiliate industry through not only the selling and promotion of other products and services, but through creating your own unique products online.

The business does come with a small handful of training tutorials mostly in video format and include; keyword search, creating a product, c-panel instructions, pay-pal button and how to use WordPress plug-ins such as the SEO plug-in. The trainings themselves will consist mostly of how to correctly set up a blog and or, splash pages to drive traffic to. Of course there is a handful more trainings given through the back office that will help you to understand why marketing online is the most effective strategy to promote and brand your self and products or services in today’s market place.

The 48 Hour Profit Plan is a legitimate business opportunity but does lack in a full and comprehensive training in online marketing. Learning how to use paid advertising does have its place, but learning how to dominate the search engines through FREE methods of marketing online can prove to be the most lasting and solid traffic driving path for your success online.

Although there is only a small handful of training with this opportunity, for $9.95 there seems to be enough to at least get the newest of the new to online marketing started in the right direction.